Equipment on Demand

Woodwork Studios members enjoy access to a complete line of equipment, machines and tools at a fraction of the cost of investing in a fully stocked workshop of their own. Our 20,000 square foot workshop houses a wide range of woodworking tools for your convenience:

All Pro and Hobbyist memberships include use of the following equipment:

  • Band saw
  • Belt saw
  • Lathe
  • Drill
  • Bench with support counter
  • Laminate glue spray counter
  • Compressed air
  • Power outlets
  • 24-inch planer
  • 8-inch joiner
  • 3 HP 10-inch table saw
  • Sliding miter saw
  • Screw gun
  • Hand belt sander
  • Biscuit machine
  • Trim router
  • Standard ½ HP router

Additional Equipment

Storage Fees:

Tool Locker 18”x24” $30/month
Tool locker 18”x48” $40/month
Wood rack $30/month

Power Tool Rentals*:

Drill/Screw Gun Set $18/day Includes 100 screws**
Hand Belt Sander $20/day
Planer $18/day
Nail Gun $15/day Includes 100 nails**
Gig Saw $15/day
Biscuit Machine $20/day Includes 100 biscuits**
Trim Router $12/day
Standard ½ HP Router $15/day
Bottle of glue

* We strongly advise that rental tools be reserved at time of booking to ensure availability.

** Additional supplies are available for purchase.

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